Whatsapp blocked in China? [UPDATED]

19th September ? Looks like Whatsapp has been blocked in China since this morning ( Beijing time ). I haven’t been able to send or receive any message, video, photo or audio file. I currently use a China Mobile SIM. Many users reported problems with China Telecom and China Unicom networks as well. The complete block follows the temporary block in sending/receiving photos and audio experienced on 19th July. 20th September ? It has been…


5 Tips to Spot Fake Money in China

how to spot fake money in china

Just a quick update with some very useful tips on how to tell if money is fake in China. It never happened to me (so far!) but many of my friends had to deal with this. Some shops gave them change in counterfeit bills! Pay extreme attention to 100 yuan notes. Here you are 5 quick tips on how to spot fake money in China! . How to tell if money is fake | Colour Change This is something Chinese…


The 4 Most Beautiful Women in Ancient China

The Four Most Beautiful Chinese Women Ever

The new Beauty and the Beast is out so… what better occasion to have a look at the Four Great Beauties of China (四大美女) ! The Four Beauties  are four ancient Chinese women, renowned for their beauty. They are said to be the the most beautiful Chinese women ever existed in China! Nobody knows if they really existed or not, and most of their life is shrouded in mystery and legend. During their existence they decided the fortunes or to…


20 Southeast Asia Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life!

top 20 travel tips southeast asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most fascinating travel destinations. Flights are getting more and more affordable when booking in advance, cost of life in many of those countries is relatively low, they’re rich in history and culture and blessed with wonderful weather for most part of the year. However if you’re not well prepared, some small issues could make your holiday less enjoyable…or even ruin it. That’s why having travelled extensively throughout Asia, I’d like to share…


Top 7 most remote places to visit in Xinjiang 

In far northwest China, you can discover the beauty of Xinjiang province that few get a chance to see, a totally new side of China. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit my top 7 places! 1 – Karakoram Highway Considered by many the eighth wonder of the world, Karakoram Highway climbs to an altitude of 4.7 km above sea level and runs through some of the most arid and difficult environments on Earth. It begins in Kashgar in…


What happens when 1.3 billion people go on holiday at the same time?

I’ve been living in China for almost 4 years and every February, when the Chinese Spring Festival comes, my family and friends back home ask me the same question: Why don’t you visit China now that you’re on holiday instead of going abroad?! And this is why. The world’s largest annual human migration takes place during the period around the Chinese New Year (usually between January and February). In Chinese it’s called Chunyun, spring migration. Every…


What gadgets do I carry for my trips?

My tech gadgets and me are inseparable. I love smartphones, cameras, computers, video games, tablets and all that geeky stuff. I read news and reviews everyday just to keep me up to date with the latest devices. When I buy something I make sure is the best I can get with that certain amount of money. What really matters to me is the value of the product I buy. My phone doesn’t have be the latest iPhone…


Top 10 | Best places to visit in China

What shouldn’t you miss if this is your first trip to China? China has an infinite number of tourist attractions ranging from historic towns to leisure locations, amazing destinations from the deserts of northwest to the snowy peaks of Tibet, from the beaches of Hainan to the most modern metropolis of the east coast, imperial architecture coexisting with modern skyscrapers. And let’s not forget the extreme culinary variety and endless shopping possibilities. Traveling is also reasonably cheap,…


Why do so few Western tourists visit China?

One of the reasons why I started writing this blog is the chronic lack of information regarding travels to China. Tourists and bloggers ignore China. Moreover, the amount of misinformation circulating in the Western media is enormous. common believes are: everywhere in China the air is unbreathable; there is nothing to visit except for Beijing and Shanghai; it’s a communist country therefore is dangerous cities are super dirty people hate foreigners and more of this nonsense. In most travel…