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Where to buy Videogames, Toys, Action Figures in Taipei (Taiwan)?

taipei taiwan where buy videogames anime otaku action figure dove comprare

How to get there? get off at the metro station called Taipei City Mall, Exit 17 / 18 /19   What can I buy there? It is not as rich as other malls that I had the pleasure of exploring in Hong Kong, but I think it is the absolute best in Taipei. You will find: video games (new and retrogaming) tons of action figures and gashapons manga (few) a good selection of arcades random otaku…

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How to get to Baiyun Mountain: Best Hiking Spot in Guangzhou

How to get to Baiyun Mountain? to reach the main entrance of the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area (Baiyunshan) get off at Meihuayuan Metro Station (line 3) and get the bus 旅游1 . The bus will drop you at the main gate after 4 stops. the entrance to the park : the ticket is just 5 yuan ! we are half way through! a wishing tree you can hang your own wish on this tree murals depicting…

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Halong Cruise Imperial & Classic Legend Review – 2 days 1 night

crociera baia halong

Halong Bay is probably the absolute top destination in Vietnam, and taking a cruise is the best way to enjoy it. That’s why I believe a complete review of my experience on the Halong Imperial Legend Cruise can be useful for many fellow backpackers.   The entire bay, which features thousands of limestone karsts and isles, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.   I spent a lot of time online looking for nice junk boat and I eventually…

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Uluru Travel Guide | Maps and Walks

uluru map walks

We thoroughly planned our trip to Uluru, booked a room at the Ayers Rock Resort and it’s finally time to head to that big red Rock! Let the adventure begin…but not without an Uluru Map ! It’s very hard to get updated info on Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, let it alone finding a decent map! You’re in the right place. In this post you can find all the latest maps you need to explore the site. We…

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Uluru Travel Guide | 3 days at the Most Remote Resort in Australia!

Ayers Rock Resort

Sometimes before travelling abroad we want to make sure things are worth the high price we pay. That’s especially true for exotic destinations like the Ayers Rock Resort. The Ayers Rock Resort in Yulara is without a doubt one of the most exclusive and remote resort on Earth. In fact is the only  existent accommodation complex nearby the mysterious and fascinating Australian monolite. So how I am going to help you? To write this post I put together all my photos, all…

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Uluru Travel Guide | How to Plan your trip to Ayers Rock

uluru travel guide

Welcome to the Uluru Travel Guide! Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is big sandstone rock formation right in the middle of the Australian continent. It’s way more than that though. It’s one of the most famous Australian landmarks and a life changing experience. However, when I prepared the trip to Uluru with my friends, I found it surprisingly difficult to gather updated info about the place. The Lonely Planet itself dedicates only 4 or 5 pages to the…


I’m going to Vietnam & Laos!

It’s Chinese New Year time! Which means going back home for 1.3 billion people… And vacation time for me! Schools and most companies shut during this period and I can take a break. I’ve decided to add two more countries to my exploration of South East Asia: Vietnam and Laos. I planned to visit Vietnam last year but due to some circumstances I had to renounce. I went back to Italy instead, my home country. I’m going to…

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Sydney Explained: The Biggest Australian City

Is Sydney worth a visit? I stayed in Sydney for about 5 days during my last trip to Australia so I got a rather thorough idea about the city. Sydney is not just the Opera House! Let’s find out what to see, what to eat, and how many days I recommend to spend visiting the city. Sydney: Introduction Some facts first: the city has about 5 million inhabitants, is the biggest city in Australia as well as in the entire…