What happens when 1.3 billion people go on holiday at the same time?

I’ve been living in China for almost 4 years and every February, when the Chinese Spring Festival comes, my family and friends back home ask me the same question:

Why don’t you visit China now that you’re on holiday instead of going abroad?!

And this is why.

forbidden city China new year italianvagabond
Let’s see if I can make it to reach that door…

The world’s largest annual human migration takes place during the period around the Chinese New Year (usually between January and February). In Chinese it’s called Chunyun, spring migration.

Every year nearly 3 billion trips are made during New Year celebrations. Although the New Year holidays last for 7-10 days, the travel frenzy can span up to 40-day. Many schools, companies and factories can shut for more than 2 or 3 weeks.
Passengers wait to board a train at a railway station during the Chinese Lunar New Year travel rush in Jiujiang.
The New Year is the only chance you have to see Chinese people standing in a line.

During this period, some 2.5 billion trips are made by land while 350 million by rail, 60 million by plane and 40 million by sea (CNN).

Migrant workers ride their motorcycles with families and friends on their way home for the Spring Festival, on a hazy ...
Why ain’t we moving, the light is green!

Every year, stress on the transport system becomes greater and greater, despite great improvements in infrastructure over the last few years.

Passengers wait to board trains at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai, China January 13, 2017 as the annual ...
Mammy, I forgot my ticket at home.

CNN reports that the average trip made during the Chinese New Year in 2016 was about 410 kilometres. And we Italians get immediately pissed off when have to drive or take a train for more than 30 minutes!

Passengers wait to enter a railway station during the annual Spring Festival travel rush in Guangzhou.
Everybody is going home except me.


Yi Lu Ping An fellows! Have a safe trip back home


chinese new year queue italianvagabond
Charge! For the King! waaaaaaaaaa

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