Top 10 Largest Cities in China You Must Visit in 2024

Embark on a journey through the top 10 largest cities in China. From the bustling streets of Shanghai to the historic lanes of Beijing, uncover the heart of China’s urban magnificence and cultural diversity.

In Chinese the actual urban area (the city in the strict sense), is called “市区” (shìqū). It’s usually wider than the mere administrative area and includes the suburban regions.

Always according to the source, since 2000 Chinese cities have expanded at an average rate of 10% annually. This is unprecedented in human history. Moreover by 2025, the country will be home to 221 cities with over a million inhabitants. Wow, that sounds a bit alarming !

Let’s have a look at China’s top 10 largest cities! (updated 2024)


10 – Harbin


Population: 5,242,897 million


9 – Suzhou


Population: 5,892,892 million


8 – Chongqing

Population: 9,580,819 million


7 – Wuhan

Population: 10,494,879 million


6 – Tianjin


Population: 11,052,404 million


5 – Chengdu

chengdu panda

Population: 13,568,357 million


4 – Guangzhou

Population: 16,096,724 million


3 – Shenzhen


Population: 17,444,609 million


2 – Beijing

Population: 18,960,744 million


1 – Shanghai


Population: 21,909,814 million


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